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62 Beachmere Place, Ogunquit, Maine  03907

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Some 750,000 guests have come to The Beachmere. A few noteworthy ones, performing at The Ogunquit Playhouse were Beatrice Lilly (Lady Peel), Ethel and Diana Barrymore, Bette Davis and her mother. Ambassador John Cabot Lodge and Vice President Richard Nixon were guests. The Nixon family stayed in Hearthstone for a month. Related to the Hoyt family, five generations of the Head family have vacationed here over the years. Many families tell us the location of rooms their parents have stayed in. Three generations of one family have honeymooned in the same room.


Our commitment to this area of Ogunquit has deep roots.

The Merrill’s hold the distinction of being hoteliers for the longest period of time in Ogunquit. Coming from Scarborough, Maine in 1899 my great grandfather Oliver Merrill and Frank Knight formed a partnership to build and operate the Ontio Hotel.  In 1907 my grandfather Harry L. Merrill purchased a small boarding house, The Lookout Hotel, also on top of Israel’s Head.  He and my grandmother Harriet Merrill worked together operating the hotel for the very short season that began the end of June and ended on Labor Day.  Guests would come for the whole season.  In the fall they would drive to Winter Haven, Florida where they owned the Florence Villa Hotel until the military bought it for an airbase in 1941.  After the depression Harry Merrill and my father Malcolm Merrill expanded the Lookout to its present size.  In 1937, Beachmere Inn was added for my mother Ann Merrill, to operate. My first husband, Martin Mace and I bought the Lookout and Ontio Hotels in 1964 and 1972.  We operated them together until he died. 

The Lookout was sold in 1977 and The Ontio in 1984 and now are condominiums.   In 1986, I purchased the Beachmere from my parents. In 1995 my daughter, Sarah Mace Diment, joined the business.  We formed a family limited partnership to ensure the property stays in the family.  We are all from Maine with the exception of my mother who was from Iowa and my late husband, Don Gillespie from Ohio.  Don, a Boston architect who passed in 2014, had designed many complicated renovations and upgrades in all the buildings.  In 2004 Sarah took over as General Manager and thus continues the tradition, now helping us celebrate our 83rd season of family hospitality in Ogunquit, Maine in 2020.  In 2013 Sarah was honored with Maine Innkeeper of the year, we are all so proud of her and her team!

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